"At the Lord's command...each was assigned his work."

Biz By Faith services are grouped into Programs or areas of concentration.  Each concentration is its own contained sector, even as each area feeds off of and into one another; working in synergy and collaboration with one another to create an integrated whole.


Training Program

The Biz By Faith ETP - Entrepreneurial Training Program is a structured training program based on the Word of God and sound business practices The ETP provides Christian small business owners and entrepreneurs a solid foundation upon which to build their business.


Christian Business Network

The Network is a family of Christian small business owners and / or entrepreneurs committed to serving the Kingdom with their God-given business and mentoring others as they themselves are helped.  The Network is also a searchable database for the Body of Christ to find the goods and services they need.


Small Business
Support Services

Biz By Faith provides professional, high quality and affordable administrative support services to small business owners and entrepreneurs that cannot afford or do not need full time staff.   This support is provided VIRTUALLY = at our location, not yours.  In fact, you don't even need a location or permanent office!


Administrative Support Internship Program

The Biz By Faith Internship program takes already identified populations within congregations and the Body of Christ who are in need of a place to develop character and skills to be productive in business.  interns can by any Christian, young or old, needing to strengthen or update their admin skills (computer, word processing, data entry, communication, customer service, Microsoft Office, etc.)


Ph/Fx:  (314) 244-3558

Mon - Fri 9am-5pm cst


1027 S Vandeventer Ave Fl 6

 St. Louis | MO | 63110

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